ONGC KG DWN 98/2 FPSO Project

ONGC KG DWN 98/2 FPSO Project

Project Summary:

Five topsides modules including Seawater Treatment Module, Produced Water and Utility Module, Gas Dehydration & Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Module, Chemical Injection Module and Metering Laydown Module. (Total weight approximately 5,500 Tonnes).

Key Facts:


Awarded in Sep 2019, the project has faced numerous challenges posed by the emergence and escalation of COVID-19 worldwide; including supply chain disruptions, logistical challenges, closure of facilities, manpower shortage, travel restrictions, financial delays and unknown risks.

VME Solution:

While several organizations chose to discontinue the work awarded during these challenging circumstances, VME has maintained an agile and flexible approach to continue supporting our clients and supply chain in a robust manner while moving the project forward on all fronts. As a result, on 17 Jul 2021, module M90, the metering laydown module became the first module to be installed on FPSO.

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