VME awarded contract to support Yinson with FPSO Maria Quitéria

VME Process Pte Ltd has been awarded by Yinson Bergenia Production B.V. for the supply of 9 process modules and 2 skids for the FPSO Maria Quitéria, Integrado Parque das Baleias Development Project.

“The Maria Quitéria is a great project and we’re excited to be a part of it,” said Chad Tomlinson, Vice President Business Development. “Our global footprint allows us to serve customers like Yinson all over the world.”

The Maria Quitéria FPSO is planned to be located in the Jubarte field, North Campos Basin, where the water depth is up to 1400 meters.

It will accommodate a process plant able to produce 100,000 bbl/d maximum of crude oil, 5,000,000 Sm3/d of gas treatment and compression and 1,000,000 bbl minimum of crude oil storage.

VME’s scope of works includes process design, guarantee, fabrication, inspection and testing, class certification and Brazilian regulatory compliance of a series of modules including Oil Separation, Produced and Sea Water Treatment and Injection, Gas Treatment and Compression.

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