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Excellence isn’t an accident


It requires skill, preparation and teamwork


We’re on your side. Our experience and expertise mean nothing if we can’t adapt and pivot when you need us to.


We aren’t here today, gone tomorrow. Since 1985, we’ve helped over 2,000 projects succeed worldwide. Our solid foundation is your solid foundation.


VME’s experts are capable and self-directed so you feel confident letting go – but we also know that as a team we have access to more strengths, ideas and solutions.

VME doesn’t waver

Your project shouldn’t fail because someone you trusted didn’t deliver what they promised. As part of our commitment to all-around excellence …

We agree to:

Maintain manufacturing and module integration facilities that are lean and well-organized

Put the right people in the right roles – maximizing strengths and abilities

Leverage our culture of teamwork and collaboration, working together for your success

Less stress, more success

Every piece of a project must come together as expected or the entire project is at risk. That’s why VME is diligent about expert fabrication and engineering solutions that any project manager can count on.

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