P61 Offshore Substation and Electrical Equipment

P61 Offshore Substation and Electrical Equipment

Project Summary:

Floating (Offshore) Substation, electrical, controls and utility equipment

Key Facts:


Siemens with end client Petrobras (P61 Papa Terra Development Project)


Client required modules for Offshore installation for high voltage and low voltage electrical systems.  Overall packaging and integration constraints due to equipment and offshore module weight and volume limitations.

VME Solution:

EPC modularized solution with integration and packaging of electrical equipment into 3 modules, each of approximately 500 tons, housing high and low voltage electrical systems, AC and DC systems, control and protection systems, UPS and battery systems and auxiliary power generation.

This Substation and E House customized design can be applied for most offshore energy solutions such as wind energy and for offshore floating and fixed (jacket or monopile) installations.

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