Central Processing Pipe Modules

Central Processing Pipe Modules Project Summary: Central processing and gathering facilities for midstream client Key Facts: Project started in 2021 Client: Major Midstream Company Challenge: Traditional “stick built” construction of central gathering facilities is subject to weather delays, cost over runs from a variety of factors (supply chain delays, weather, quality rework). VME Solution: Pre-fabricated, […]

ESP Multi-Well Manifolds

ESP Multi-Well Manifolds Project Summary: Build-to-stock program of standardized multi-well manifolds. Key Facts: Lean manufacturing process for pipe fabrication assures lowest cost supply. Build-to-stock program assures 100% on time delivery Scope: Engineering (drawings, cost reductions, additional design configurations); procurement; fabrication Client: Major Independent Producer in Permian Basin Problem: Client struggles with construction planning and scheduling […]

P61 Offshore Substation and Electrical Equipment

P61 Offshore Substation and Electrical Equipment Project Summary: Floating (Offshore) Substation, electrical, controls and utility equipment Key Facts: 3 modules, each of approximately 500 tons each, complete with switchboards, bus duct, dry transformers, panel boards, lighting transformers, building HVAC systems. 13.8kV process switchboard, transformers 480kV process switchboard Emergency power generation (Diesel) Lighting systems Telecoms, fire […]

FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba MV24

FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba MV24 Project Summary: Injection and Re Generation compressor Packages 3 X LP Compressor Modules, 3 x HP Compressor Modules. 10.2MW / motor. Key Facts: First Project with Mitsubishi -Japan as OEM of compressor First Project that VME has completed the commissioning and load test of the complete compression system 70% load […]

Generic Gas FPSO 1, Cidade De Sao Mateus, Brazil

Generic Gas FPSO 1, Cidade De Sao Mateus, Brazil Project Summary: 3 Topsides Modules – Seawater Treatment (SRU) & Water Injection, TEG Dehydration Module with HP/LP Fuel Gas conditioning, plus Flare Processing Module Key Facts: First ever Gas FPSO for Petrobras in Brazil and was the largest sized FPSO at that time 3 modules, weighing […]

ENI Block 15/06 West Hub FPSO

ENI Block 15/06 West Hub FPSO Project Project Summary: VME designed and supplied an Automatic Backwash Coarse filter designed to remove 98% of particles greater than 100 microns.  The completed unit also includes automatic backwashing with built-in logic and timer with overrides for high differential pressure across the filter.   Each filter is designed with capacity […]


ONGC KG DWN 98/2 FPSO Project Summary: Five topsides modules including Seawater Treatment Module, Produced Water and Utility Module, Gas Dehydration & Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Module, Chemical Injection Module and Metering Laydown Module. (Total weight approximately 5,500 Tonnes). Key Facts: Achieved 2,000,000 manhours without an LTI. Client: SPBAG Armada 98/2 Pte Ltd – Joint Venture between […]

Delta House FPS

Delta House FPS Project Summary: Provide retrofit internals for the test and HP Production Separator Trains, as well as provide new build VRU and Multi-Cyclone Filter Separator Pressure Vessels and internals. Key Facts: Retrofitting of existing vessels was completed with no hot work required. Operations noted that there has been a reduction in chemical dosing […]

Standard O2 Recovery Units

Standard O2 Recovery Units Project Summary: Manufacture and package O2 recovery units with multiple standard capacity sizes for a high volume production client’s sale and leasing fleet. Key Facts: Leveraged lean manufacturing process on multi-unit orders for lowest cost supply Collaborative partnership to deliver best-in-class commercial product Client: Environmental Technology Company Challenge: The client needed […]

Electric & Natural Gas Coolers

Electric & Natural Gas Engine Driven Gas Coolers Project Summary: Build electric, and natural gas (NG) engine driven, gas coolers  to supply clients in high pressure gas production  with the option to either purchase or lease the equipment. Key Facts: Standardized design Quality components Service and Maintenance Client: Two independent operators in Haynesville region Challenge: […]

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