Central Processing Pipe Modules

Central Processing Pipe Modules Project Summary: Central processing and gathering facilities for midstream client Key Facts: Project started in 2021 Client: Major Midstream Company Challenge: Traditional “stick built” construction of central gathering facilities is subject to weather delays, cost over runs from a variety of factors (supply chain delays, weather, quality rework). VME Solution: Pre-fabricated, […]

Food and Beverage Process Optimization

Food and Beverage Process Optimization Project Summary: Process optimization for multiple food and beverage processing units to minimize foam generation and carry-under that was causing adverse process effects. Client: Major Beverage Company Challenge: Production processes at a food and beverage facility caused large amounts of foam, gas blow-by and higher liquid flow rates – which […]

Wasit MEG Regeneration & Reclamation

Wasit MEG Regeneration & Reclamation Project, Saudi Arabia Project Summary: Provide EPC, commissioning and start-up support for a major integrated oil company in Saudi Arabia. Key Facts: 4 by 33% of MEG Pretreatment, regeneration and reclamation Approx. 35,000 bpd rich MEG Approx.. 2.8 tons/hr of salt Client: Major Integrated Oil Company Challenge: Client required EPC […]

Milne Point Alaska

Milne Point Alaska Project Summary: Provide process design and process internals for the slug catcher and water surge drum. Key Facts: Retrofitting was completed without requiring hot work All parts were installed by VME personnel Client: Major Alaskan Operator Challenge: Excess water/oil carry-over in the slug catcher and surge drum – needed to be converted […]

ENI Mexico Area 1 FPSO Project

ENI Mexico Area 1 FPSO Project Project Summary: EPC of the pressure vessels and process internals. Key Facts: Required the use of 4 Production Vessels and 2 Electrostatic Dehydrator/Desalters Client: International FPSO Provider Challenge: Project required 825 cladded vessels and local content for pressure vessel fabrication. VME Solution: Pressure vessel fabrication and internal installation was […]

Delta House FPS

Delta House FPS Project Summary: Provide retrofit internals for the test and HP Production Separator Trains, as well as provide new build VRU and Multi-Cyclone Filter Separator Pressure Vessels and internals. Key Facts: Retrofitting of existing vessels was completed with no hot work required. Operations noted that there has been a reduction in chemical dosing […]

Electric & Natural Gas Coolers

Electric & Natural Gas Engine Driven Gas Coolers Project Summary: Build electric, and natural gas (NG) engine driven, gas coolers  to supply clients in high pressure gas production  with the option to either purchase or lease the equipment. Key Facts: Standardized design Quality components Service and Maintenance Client: Two independent operators in Haynesville region Challenge: […]


ENI – OCTP- GHANA Project Summary: Supply TCN-1 Topside Process Packages (6 modules, 2 skids) – including gas compression, gas dehydration and hydrocarbon dewpoint control, gas injection, oil treatment, crude stabilization, flare knockout and a Flare Gas Recovery Module. Key Facts: Associated Gas Flow 190 MMSCFD to 430 bara Non-Associated Gas (NAG) Flow 190 MMSCFD […]

Husky Madura FPSO

Husky Madura FPSO Project Summary: Amine gas sweetening for H2S removal, Gas Dehydration Module and Sulfur Recovery Module. Key Facts: Sulfur recovery unit was successfully tested and commissioned and is the first technology of this kind to be operated on an FPSO Total Module weight of the project – 3000 Tons. The SRU module was […]

Baobab FPSO, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

Baobab FPSO, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa Project Summary: HP, IP, LP Separators, Electrostatic Coalescer, Gas Processing Module Key Facts: Processing capacity of the Module – 75 MMSCFD Gas flow rate This project became the springboard for expansion of VME into Asia – particularly on the fabrication of Topsides Modules. VME First: EPC Scope for Offshore […]

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