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At VME, our engineering and module construction services are here to support your renewable energy projects.

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Biomass = Biofuel

Agricultural byproducts, waste from wood and paper processing, and trees that have been infected and killed by bark beetles are potential sources of biomass. These often overlooked resources are highly sustainable and can be converted into liquid fuel through biochemical and thermochemical processing. Which is where VME comes in. We can provide detailed engineering and chemical processing expertise, along with complete module integration to support your biofuel projects.

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind offers vast quantities of energy – far greater than what can be captured through onshore wind farms. To take advantage of this, turbines can be installed at sea as either fixed or floating structures in both shallow and deep water environments. At VME, we leverage our experience in  marine engineering and offshore construction to provide technological support for offshore wind projects around the world.


Hydrogen can be produced in a variety of ways, including water electrolysis, coal gasification, and natural gas reformation. One of the things that makes hydrogen such a  valuable energy source is that it can be used as both fuel for transportation as well as in generating stationary electricity. At VME, our engineering teams have proven project delivery systems built to support even your most complex hydrogen conversion projects.

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