Nassiriyah Degassing Station

Nassiriyah Degassing Station Project Summary: Electrostatic Coalescer and Desalter Package Key Facts: VME completed this project utilizing their proprietary CGS (Captive Grid System) eliminating the need for additional bracing while maintaining our industry leading reliability. Scope: EPC-Process Design and Supply of Process Internals for the Crude Dehydration Train. Challenge: Client needed process design and supply […]

Kings Quay FPS

Kings Quay FPS Project Summary: Oil Separation Train and Gas Compressor Scrubber Vessels Key Facts: Internals design and supply for (10) production train vessels and (5) BGC scrubber vessels. Scope: EPC-Process Design and Supply of Process Internals for the production vessels and gas scrubbers. Client: Major Independent Producer Challenge: Limited flexibility in the FPS footprint […]

Flare Gas Recovery

Flare Gas Recovery Project Summary: 2*100% trains of flare gas recovery unit (FGRU) consists of gas sweetening and amine regeneration unit for the Wasit gas plant, Saudi Arabia Key Facts: Amine gas sweetening using generic MDEA for gas flow rate of 10,240,000 SCFD at 260 PSIG and 140 degF. Inlet: H2S: 33mole% and Carbon Dioxide: […]

P61 Offshore Substation and Electrical Equipment

P61 Offshore Substation and Electrical Equipment Project Summary: Floating (Offshore) Substation, electrical, controls and utility equipment Key Facts: 3 modules, each of approximately 500 tons each, complete with switchboards, bus duct, dry transformers, panel boards, lighting transformers, building HVAC systems. 13.8kV process switchboard, transformers 480kV process switchboard Emergency power generation (Diesel) Lighting systems Telecoms, fire […]

Transportation Fuels from Biomass

Transportation Fuels from Biomass Project Summary: VME supports academic research related to biomass energy conversion. Key Facts: Problem defined with initial academic research 2017 Project plan and agreement finalized in April 2021 Lab equipped and established June 2021 Research commenced September 2021 VME is an experienced process company with commercialization experience VME currently hold patents […]

Liquid Hydrogen Electrolyzer Building Study

Liquid Hydrogen Electrolyzer Building Study Project Summary: Design and supply a transportable building with utility systems to house liquid hydrogen processing equipment. Key Facts: Building structure suitable for offshore and onshore installations Integration of electrolyzer equipment, pipe racks, cable trays. Bus ducts Integration of water units, hydrogen purification, power equipment and compressors Scope: FEED support […]

Food and Beverage Process Optimization

Food and Beverage Process Optimization Project Summary: Process optimization for multiple food and beverage processing units to minimize foam generation and carry-under that was causing adverse process effects. Client: Major Beverage Company Challenge: Production processes at a food and beverage facility caused large amounts of foam, gas blow-by and higher liquid flow rates – which […]

Wasit MEG Regeneration & Reclamation

Wasit MEG Regeneration & Reclamation Project, Saudi Arabia Project Summary: Provide EPC, commissioning and start-up support for a major integrated oil company in Saudi Arabia. Key Facts: 4 by 33% of MEG Pretreatment, regeneration and reclamation Approx. 35,000 bpd rich MEG Approx.. 2.8 tons/hr of salt Client: Major Integrated Oil Company Challenge: Client required EPC […]

Milne Point Alaska

Milne Point Alaska Project Summary: Provide process design and process internals for the slug catcher and water surge drum. Key Facts: Retrofitting was completed without requiring hot work All parts were installed by VME personnel Client: Major Alaskan Operator Challenge: Excess water/oil carry-over in the slug catcher and surge drum – needed to be converted […]

ENI Mexico Area 1 FPSO Project

ENI Mexico Area 1 FPSO Project Project Summary: EPC of the pressure vessels and process internals. Key Facts: Required the use of 4 Production Vessels and 2 Electrostatic Dehydrator/Desalters Client: International FPSO Provider Challenge: Project required 825 cladded vessels and local content for pressure vessel fabrication. VME Solution: Pressure vessel fabrication and internal installation was […]

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