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Process Piping


With VME’s highly skilled employees, we incorporate advanced pipe welding technology along with standardized “Lean” work principles.

Our staff are certified to ASME Section IX and PED for both carbon and alloy steels for efficient and cost effective piping solutions.


We design and fabricate pressure vessels to ASME Section 8 Div 1 specifications. Our ASME code manual is incorporated and registered to ISO 9001-2008.

We incorporate these quality standards into all our fabricated oil and gas Separators, Coalescers, Filter Separators, Oil and Produced Water Treatment vessels.  We also offer the best available technology in cyclonic inlet devices for all compact separation applications.

Pressure Vessels

Structural Fabrication


At VME, we efficiently manufacture some of the largest offshore steel structures for integrated topsides process modules, and the smallest skids for many of our onshore clients.

Our welders are certified to AWS and all construction is in accordance with AWS D1.1. standards. We incorporate the same quality standards and efficient processes as you would expect from a high quality code vessel and process piping supplier like VME.


Our Separation Internals division has a long history as a leading supplier of best in class technology for supply of compact separation devices and electrostatic oil treating internals.

If it’s a new application or retrofit of an existing traditional vessel, VME has the solution for improved throughput, performance and vessel size reduction. We provide state of the art separation analytics for your process stream challenges and we warranty performance of our designs.

Separation Internals

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