Oil Treatment

Nassiriyah Degassing Station

Nassiriyah Degassing Station Project Summary: Electrostatic Coalescer and Desalter Package Key Facts: VME completed this project utilizing their proprietary CGS (Captive Grid System) eliminating the need for additional bracing while maintaining our industry leading reliability. Scope: EPC-Process Design and Supply … Read More

Wasit MEG Regeneration & Reclamation

Wasit MEG Regeneration & Reclamation Project, Saudi Arabia Project Summary: Provide EPC, commissioning and start-up support for a major integrated oil company in Saudi Arabia. Key Facts: 4 by 33% of MEG Pretreatment, regeneration and reclamation Approx. 35,000 bpd rich … Read More

ENI Mexico Area 1 FPSO Project

ENI Mexico Area 1 FPSO Project Project Summary: EPC of the pressure vessels and process internals. Key Facts: Required the use of 4 Production Vessels and 2 Electrostatic Dehydrator/Desalters Client: International FPSO Provider Challenge: Project required 825 cladded vessels and … Read More


ENI – OCTP- GHANA Project Summary: Supply TCN-1 Topside Process Packages (6 modules, 2 skids) – including gas compression, gas dehydration and hydrocarbon dewpoint control, gas injection, oil treatment, crude stabilization, flare knockout and a Flare Gas Recovery Module. Key … Read More

Baobab FPSO, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

Baobab FPSO, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa Project Summary: HP, IP, LP Separators, Electrostatic Coalescer, Gas Processing Module Key Facts: Processing capacity of the Module – 75 MMSCFD Gas flow rate This project became the springboard for expansion of VME into … Read More

FPSO Ningaloo Vision, Apache Van Gogh Project, Western Australia

FPSO Ningaloo Vision, Apache Van Gogh Project, Western Australia Project Summary: Supply Gas Dehydration (TEG), Fuel Gas, Inlet Separation and Crude Stabilization Modules , Electrostatic Treaters, Produced Water Treatment and Reinjection Package with IGF (150,000 BWPD). Key Facts: Project completed … Read More

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