VME Process of Tyler, Texas will support the success of the Shenandoah Project by supplying production separation and dehydration vessels, scrubber vessels, and gas dehydration equipment.

“We’re thankful for the opportunity to contribute our engineering and fabrication expertise to this landmark project,” said Chad Tomlinson, Vice President Business Development. “The Shenandoah project stands to unlock a lot of untapped opportunity in the Gulf, and we’re excited to be a part of it. It’s an added bonus that the project’s final destination is close to our offices and fabrication yard in Tyler, Texas.”

The Shenandoah deep water development is in Walker Ridge blocks 51, 52 and 53 in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 257km off the coast of Louisiana. The project area spans 14,400 acres with water depths ranging between 1,700m and 1,900m.

Development of the $1.8bn offshore development is projected to begin in the second half of 2022 with first oil anticipated in Q4 of 2024. It will eventually have the capacity to produce 100,000 barrels of crude oil and four million cubic metres (Mcm) of natural gas a day.

VME Company’s Scope of Work:

BGC and VRU Gas Scrubber Package

MBF-2515 BGC 1st Stage Suction Scrubber

MBF-2615 BGC 2nd Stage Suction Scrubber

MBF-2715 BGC 2nd Stage Discharge Scrubber

MBF-2730 BGC 3rd Stage Suction Scrubber

MBF-2010 VRU 1st Stage Suction Scrubber

MBF-2055 VRU 2nd Stage Scrubber

MBF-2080 VRU 2nd Stage Discharge Scrubber


Div. 1 Pressure Vessel Package

MBD-1050 LP Separator Degasser

MBD-1055 LP Separator

MBD-1100 Oil Treater Degasser #1

MBD-1105 Oil Treater Degasser #2

MBJ-1120 Dry/Wet Oil Tank

MBJ-3230 Glycol Surge Drum

MBF-3410 Fuel Gas Scrubber

MBF-6000 HP Flare Scrubber

MBF-6010 LP Flare Scrubber

MBJ-6200 Heat Media Surge Tank

MBJ-7300 Cooling Media Expansion Tank

MBL-7570 Utility Air Receiver

MBL-7600 Instrument Air Receiver

MBL-7660 Nitrogen Low Pressure Receiver

MBL-7665 Nitrogen High Pressure Receiver

MBL-7685 Ultra-Pure Nitrogen LP Receiver

MBL-7695 Ultra-Pure Nitrogen HP Receiver


Div. 2 Pressure Vessel Package

MBD-1010 HP Separator #1

MBD-1020 HP Separator #2

MBD-1040 IP Separator


Oil Treater Package

MBK-1110 Oil Treater #1

MBK-1115 Oil Treater #2

Glycol Dehydration Package

MAK-3100 Gas Dehydration Inlet Filter Separator

MAF-3110 Glycol Contactor

HBG-3120 Gas/Glycol Exchanger

NBC-3200/NAP-3205- Glycol Reboiler Assembly

MAF-3215- Still Column

HBG-3210 Glycol Reflux Exchanger

MAF-3220 Stripping Column

MBD-3270 Glycol/Hydrocarbon Separator

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