VME Business Update 2020

Sep 8, 2020News

As we adapt our business to these new economic challenges, it is important to us that we update you on what we are doing to maintain our level of service, and the improvements we are making in our organization to prepare for the future.

Our unique service-focused business model has allowed us to quickly scale our manufacturing operations as our market dramatically retracted, successfully managing the impact to our financial health. Today we have a good line-of-sight well into 2021 to assure you we’ll be healthy and ready for the next business cycle. We attribute this outstanding achievement to our employees at VME, embracing this challenge and adapting their roles and work processes to a new work environment.

At VME, we believe our purpose is to know, serve, and grow people. This applies to our employees, customers, business partners, and our community. During this downturn, our employees have stepped up our community support, participating in more food and blood drives, and volunteering services to critical community non-profit organizations.

We know you are also doing your best to sustain your business during these difficult times. We truly appreciate your support and dedication to our organization, and assure you, we are here to serve and support your business as we have in the past.

Greg Jean

President, VME Fabricators, Inc.


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