Floating Seawater Treatment

100,000 bpd Seawater Treatment Facility

Project Summary:

VME Process will provide an ABS class bespoke barge for a stand-alone Seawater Treatment Plant. Utilizing the latest technology – including membranes for filtration, sulphate removal and deaeration – the plant will deliver 100,000 bpd of high-quality treated injection water to support the Pikka project reservoir waterflood.

Key Facts:


Oil Search Alaska


Client required a floating seawater treatment plant to treat 100,000 bpd of water injection, which would meet the  State of Alaska’s statutory and regional regulatory environmental requirements as well as be suitably winterized for the harsh climate of the North Slope of Alaska. The barge will be ABS class and will meet Arctic transportation weather windows as required for the overall project. The barge is scheduled for performance testing in Q2 2025.

VME Solution:

A new-build seawater treatment plant, to be constructed, transported, installed, commissioned, operated, and maintained for 25 years with hull classed to ABS Notation. The process facility shall be designed to deliver 100,000 BPD of treated Seawater to the Pikka development on the North Slope of Alaska at 1,100 psi. VME will perform the EPCIC with a dry tow from its yard in Asia pacific (Batam, Indonesia) to Harrison Bay in Alaska, with installation supervision and commissioning on site. The wet tow to be carried out by Oil Search Alaska.

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