Project Profile


Yinson Production


June 2016



Field Location

Offshore Cape Three Points, Ghana

Scope of Supply

  • Oil Separation and Non-Associated Gas Module

  • Oil Stabilization and Fuel Gas Module

  • LP/MP Compression Module

  • HP Flash Gas Compression Module

  • Gas Injection Module

  • Flare Recovery and Flare KO Drum Module

  • Closed Drain Skid

  • Open Drain Skid

Design Specifications

  • Oil Treatment Capacity: 58,000 BBL/D

  • Produced Water Treatment Capacity: 45,000 BBL/D

  • Associated Gas Capacity: 190 MMScfd

  • Non-Associated Gas Capacity: 210 MMScfd

Key Accomplishments

  • VME’s Total Fabricated Supply – over 6000 Tons

  • Pre-design of future modules

  • API 10K Gas Injection

  • Single Lift 1800 MT Oil Module

  • Surpassed 3 million man hours w/o LTI at VME Module Yard

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