Our Mission

Helping our customers meet today’s energy needs while developing energy solutions for tomorrow.

People need energy.

Many energy companies drill new oil and gas wells to bring fossil fuels to the surface. Other companies transport these fuels to distribution centers, terminals, and refineries, while still others process fossil fuels or harvest renewable energy. Today, VME helps energy companies by supplying process systems, modular equipment, surface facilities, engineered solutions, separation products and aftermarket services, enabling them to meet people’s energy needs.

How do we develop solutions for tomorrow?

We must first listen to energy consumers around the world to identify their needs in order to develop energy solutions that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. VME is striving to create tomorrow’s solutions through our business development group, our engineering department, our Innovations  and Energy Committees.

Our Vision

We believe everyone should have access to energy. We should take steps to make this a reality for people around the world. While this is a lofty objective, we believe it is attainable. It is in this spirit that VME has established its vision.

At VME, we believe that fossil fuels will continue to be part of the energy mix worldwide for decades to come. This should not deter us from promoting clean sources of energy. We will make a difference in reducing harmful emissions by encouraging the use of low-carbon natural gas and renewable energy where possible.

For lasting change to occur, energy must also be affordable and sustainable. We believe an affordable and sustainable energy supply incorporates a balance of renewable and non-renewable sources, including fossil fuels.

We believe our children and grandchildren have a right to enjoy the earth and its natural environment. Together, let us strive to be good stewards of the earth’s resources and stress conservation of resources where possible.

Our Core Values


Integrity is consistently doing a job right with honesty, acting in a way that aligns with our core values. A job done with integrity is a job done right without cutting any corners – even when no one is watching. Integrity is doing what you say and being a person of your word.


Fairness comes down to treating each person with equity and respect. Simply said, it’s treating others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.


Responsibility takes ownership of a task we’ve been given to do. Responsible people don’t pass the buck or point fingers, rather they see their delegated duties to the very end. At VME, we aim to be responsible stewards of the environment we all share, being careful not to damage the earth in the course of doing business.


Clarity means working hard to communicate well. We want people to know what we are saying and understand the direction we are heading. We try to be crystal clear so that each member of the team knows what is expected of them with no ambiguity.

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